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Designated Courier Services

About us

Our services offer the client with door-to-door delivery, same day deliveries and local distribution.Designated Courier Services has the expertise and capability to reduce your delivery while improving efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility of the operation. 

Designated Courier Services offer a door-to-door express service for international documents and parcels to more than 125 countries worldwide. Delivery is achieved within 1-6 days depending on final destination. Designated Courier Services also offers an Airfreight service for heavier or bulkier consignment that are not time sensitive whereby the client can choose between a door to door or door to terminal option. Please consult your local Designated office for Airfreight quotations. 

Mission Statement

As a small/medium company our mission is to be Focused on our client's individual needs, to offer a benefit to our clients in terms of our niche routing and to offer a more flexible service than the major integrators in the International and National Courier market.

DCS Competitive Advantage

  • - Infrastructure boasts broad reach,
  • - Advanced tracking and monitoring protocols, 
  • - Dedicated and highly trained staff
  • - Customer friendly service, 
  • - Innovative and technological advancements                              
  • - Impeccable Delivery service combined with follow up and attention to detail.
  • - We embrace need for change, and work towards the ideal of fair competition.
  • - High standards of fair pricing and optimum service delivery.

DCS Service Policy

  • We demand high standards of service of ourselves.
  • DESIGNATED COURIER SERVICES employs the most up-to-date technology,
  • We hire and rigorously train carefully selected staff,
  • We use our responsive national infrastructure to ensure every parcel gets the priority treatment it deserves.
  • Whether we're transporting documents, phones or pharmaceuticals, credit cards or computers, arms or ammunition, our credo remains the same: “We treat “every delivery as if it were our first and only delivery”.


The transport of all goods carry some element of risk e.g. loss, damage, theft, hi jacking etc. Therefore all parcels are shipped at the clients’ and / or owners risk, unless prior written agreement has been entered into and the premium charged and paid, based on the value as declared on the waybill. Where required, a premium of R30.00 will be levied on all consignments affording cover up to R1000.00 per shipment. In the event of a claim, a R500.00 excess applies. In the event of no insurance cover, DCS Couriers maximum limit of liability for loss is 100.00 per waybill.

Where cover exceeding R1000.00 is required, 3% of the declared value forms the premium of claim, a two hundred and fifty rand (R250.00) excess will apply. Please note that any goods requiring insurance must be adequately packed for transport. Special cover needs to be obtained for shipments 50,000.00 or more.

Collection requirments

DCS Couriers will collect a pre-arranged time as per your request.

Reverse collection (Collection from other centres)

If you require a collection from other centres please contact our offices or mail ops@dcs1.co.za.

I.T System

DCS Couriers is at the forefront of leading the market when it comes to our service and parcel management system. Our advanced IT system has been streamlined and developed to offer our valued customers various reports which enable them to facilitate the running of their logistics. Scanned POD’s are attached to your invoices and can be sent electronically to you.

Terms and conditions

Strictly 30 days from date of statement, interest will be charged at 2.5% above prime on overdue accounts!

DCS Couriers works with Debttec for Debt Collection. All accounts over 30 days will be handed over and if payment is not received, accounts will be listed and handed over to our attorneys. All legal costs are for your account.


It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that goods are adequately packed for shipping. For International shipments all dangerous goods are to be packed in accordance with the IATA regulations. DCS Couriers uses a specialised packer in our business park. Packaging 1Materials are supplied at a nominal cost if need be.

Non delivery shipments

Any consignments not accepted on delivery will be returned to sender at same service and cost.


Certain goods are restricted for carriage due to customs requirements, airline restrictions or their hazardous nature. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that goods are not restricted, hazardous or dangerous for carriage by air or road. Please contact your nearest DCS Couriers office for advice on any restricted goods.

liability for payments pf DCS couriers charges

Notwithstanding consignment note endorsements to the contrary, the Consignor/Sender is responsible for the payment of DCS Express charges. If the consignment note is endorsed “Receiver to pay”, DCS Couriers will, subject to the Consignee/receiver refusing or failing to pay within 30 days hold the Consignor/sender liable for the payment.

Condition of carraige

All business undertaken shall be governed by and subject to the DCS Couriers standard business conditions which are printed on the reverse of all waybills.

  • Any unmarked waybills will be sent ONX, irrespective of the service requested when the collection is placed, as Customers change their requirements.
  • On signing these rates, you declare that you are duly authorised to sign on behalf of your Company.
  • All Shipments are test-weighed at our premises, on calibrated scales, DCS Couriers ’ test weight will be applied if there is a discrepancy.
  • Accounts are strictly 30 days from statement, late payments will be charged at prime plus 2.5%.
  • The consignor / sender / account holder will be responsible for payment.
  • Deliveries are effective on working days, unless prior arrangements are made – and waybills are clearly marked.
  • No COD shipments will be accepted without prior arrangements.

Banking details

Designated Couriers
Absa Bank: Edenvale
Acc no: 405 714 9578
Branch code: 632005

VAT Registrations number

43 8020 3697

BEE certification pending

Our organisation is currently undergoing evaluations by EMEX BEE Management Systems verification agency to determine compliance in terms of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, and transformation charters. Proof of our status will be made available as soon as certification has been issued.