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Designated Courier Services

Our services


Same day express (This services is flight dependant)

Main Centre: Collection today for despatch on the first available flight with delivery being effected within 120 minutes of touchdown. Allow for additional time for lodging and clearing of freight.

Regional Towns: Available on request, however an additional delivery charge will apply as a drive away.

Priority Delivery 9h00

Main Centre: Collection today for delivery by 9h00 the following business day or by time requested on the waybill.

Regional Towns: Available on request, however an additional delivery charge will apply as a drive away.

Overnight Express: 11h00 Main Centres (ONX)

Main Centre: Collection today for delivery by 11h00 the following business day.

Regional Towns: Collection today for delivery with 24-72hrs hours depending on the final destination.

Next Day Service: 24-36 hrs (NDX)

Major Centres: Collection today for delivery within 24–48hrs.

Regional Centres: Collection today for delivery within 24-72 hours depending on the final destination.

Economy/Road Freight 24-96hrs

Collect today, for delivery within 72-96 hours depending on final destination.

Major Centres: Collection today for delivery within 24–48hrs.

Regional Centres: Collection today for delivery within 24-72 hours depending on the final destination.

Toll Fees are calculated as per the new toll gate fees, when they get introduced



  • DCS has an international network that tracks every parcel lodged via network and we provide status updates and POD’s via email. Once parcel scanned into network from around the globe our POD is immediately updated in our system. The notify me enables you to be updated on any international shipment via email.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Direct links into established international courier networks in London and New York.

International Documents

DCS Couriers offers, a door-to-door service for time sensitive documents to more than 500 cities in over 150 countries worldwide. We can also offer an overnight service to both London and New York, as we have a direct link.

International Non-Documents

All non-document shipments requires customs documentation. An additional transit time applies to customs clearance procedures at destination. An additional charge is levied on non- document shipments.

International Airfreight

DCS also offers an international airfreight service for both bulk shipments and parcel freight, to both door-to-door or door-to terminal. Please call DCS Offices for a quote.

DCS now has full tracking on international shipments. Tracking is done via our website and if you need to track the shipment you can click on notify me and every movement will be mailed to your mail address.



Road freight

DCS Couriers offers an over border Road Freight Service to the following: Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia and Lesotho.

Customs documentation is crucial for moving freight over our borders. DCS will supply all documentation requirements.

Tracking on Road freight will only show capture and POD.


Electronic waybills

DCS now offers electronic printing of waybills off our system. No more writing out waybills saving precious time.

Consulting Services

DCS will assist with the development of overall supply chain management strategies, the development of logistics outsourcing strategies and evaluation of and advice on warehousing and distribution systems, and other technological solutions.

Warehousing and Distribution

DCS Couriers provides infrastructure including equipment, systems, management and staff. We also offer inventory management and control through the latest technology and industry best practises.

Warehouse-IT Warehouse-IT is a warehouse management System designed to manage all the operations within a warehousing environment. The Warehouse-It system can be setup to run in 2 modes:

Serial No. Mode: This mode uses a unique serial no for each item that is entering or leaving the warehouse. This mode would suit companies warehousing unique products that need to be tracked\monitored individually. (e.g.: Computer parts.)

Batch Mode: This mode does not distinguish between products of the same type and simply use the QTY variable to control stock. This would suit companies warehousing bulk items that do not need to be tracked\monitored individually (e.g.: Plastic bottles)

Customer benefits through our IT SYSTEM:

  • Web based POD verbal’s and the ability to request hardcopies
  • Document imaging system
  • Consignment tracking via reference number/tracking number
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Receive month financial information via email” Invoices, statements, credit notes
  • In-house system for capturing and printing waybills and labels onsite.
  • Web based in-house systems
  • Live collection and pod confirmation

DCS Network


  1. Our Fleet consists of 1 and 1.5 ton bakkies which comes with full service history and 24 hour roadside assistance countrywide. DCS hires bigger vehicles when required.
  2. Low engine capacity, thus a relatively lower fuel consumption, which contributes to our competitive rate structure.
  3. Vehicles are branded and fitted with the latest technological advancements in global positioning satellite navigation and tracking, ensuring that your freight is safe with DCS/DESIGNATED COURIER SERVICES.
  4. All staff are fully uniformed, which maintains a favourable and professional image for DESIGNATED COURIER SERVICES, hence reducing security risks at National key points.